Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 nestings in Rimba Kiara

27th March 2010

I was caught with the urge to learn more about videos. Recalling that I started my birding many years ago doing video. Those were the days, I used the video to bring the scene back home for ID. Now I need not ID birds but rather interested in getting meaningful images for posting in U-Tube.

Whether it is Video or not, opportunity comes in various form.

When you least needed it, like this day the Blue-throated choose to perched rather low to me.

Oh! I still need to go through my rituals of checking on the chicks.

There was not much action in the Brahminy nest!

I could see a white head, most probably that of the parent seating on the eggs

Then there was this newly found Oriole's nest. I could see 2 chicks. But on second thought, I better transfer the going -on back to my own web sites to monitor the progress. If you interested, you could see it here

I only hope I am given the chance to se its fledging.

The Goshawk chicks still remain mysterious. I could make out 2 chicks, so far to date I have not seen them in action, merely lying low in the nest.

I am glad that the park is so near to my house. I could be there to make daily check


  1. It'll be good to see the follow-ups and the progress of the chicks.

  2. nice observation of both nest. Keep posting. Will love to know how they are doing.

  3. Great shots. I often go there to shoot macro :). A really lovely place except the occasional bikes and cars that were allowed in.