Monday, March 22, 2010

Another routine trip to Jeram

18th March 2010
I was searching in my archive for pictures of the Javan Myna to complete my line-up of Mynas. There were many in the store but none of them to my satisfaction. I could see that my standard for judging the quality of pictures invariably has improved. At the back of my mind, another assignment, I was itching to go out for some videos. Which better place was there for chioces but to pick Jeram. Upon arrival, the place by the beach was swamped with this nasty birds - Javan Mynas.

Got a couple fo shots. There were not much details of the bird in this picture either. Now I know, the little respect given to this bird also influenced the dedication I put in for a good picture.

By coincidence, the contrast in mood came very quickly. Can see the difference now with this Little Bronze Cuckoo, perched further away and both my feet standing on inch deep mud. I am happier with the take. Unfortunately, no matter how I tried, the face of this bird don't seem right. After consultation with Tou, I dismissed that idea this could be a Horsfield's Bronze Cuckoo.

My next prize for the day was waiting for me to be done with the Cuckoo. Perched patiently, the pictures I landed also were the answer to my query from the last trip. With better details and careful consideration, this bird is now ID as the sub-adult of the white-bellied.
To fill my day's wishes, this very co-operative Koel stood by to have my video skills tested.

Of course, the best video I accomplished for the day was not that of this Koel who perched motionless for a long time, but a lone Otter who unknowing became my subject. Moving dramatically from one act to the other. But sorry, no still.
For picture, I found this Heron extraordinary. Perched on the crown of the mangrove forest and with such an unnatural pose.

At my age, almost certain now that I just couldn't remember to do such a wide array of tasks. That day , with the priority of seeking for opportunity to get video, many moments which I would normally spent clicking away were wasted and now ended up without the much needed pictures. The most obvious incident was the time with the Black-capped. No pictures! One possible fact I know now, it would appear that one bird was leaving late or may not be returning home. I saw the same bird at the same vicinity during the last visit. This time around, the same lone Black capped.

Overall Jeram did not disappoint me for that day.


  1. Love the Heron posture and detail of Female Asian Koel.

  2. I saw similar pose of the grey heron, drying out its wings perhaps