Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blue-eared - Here I come!

3rd March, 2010
That elusive Blue-eared! Dodged me from one place to another. This time I've got the best fix on it. After the tip off by Madi, made a recce earlier to the place, saw the bird flying past 3 times and no perching.

This morning I hoped that my luck would not be that low. Upon arrival, I saw 3 fishermen hanging around the T junction. Oh No! Not again.

Still I waited, the Little Heron hunting in the stream flew up the "bridge" to check on me.

 Chi! Chi! Chi! The bird stopped. Not on the bough overlooking the stream but within the Bamboo clump opposite. Just long enough for me to run a few shots.

Very quickly it was over and never to return, so long as I was there.

Wait for 2 hours and no sign. A pathetic wagtail came to the river kept me company for a while.
Time for the fishermen to leave too. Both went out and another went upstream to continue his quest. Couldn't understand why he overflew the usual perch, I left only to find out that the bird was all the while waiting in the lone Bamboo clump.

For me, it is a day to confirm that the bird followed a pattern. Not on the bough but flew to that lone bamboo clump some 50 feet upstream.

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