Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Old Pump House Road

14th March 2010

We were In Gohtong Jaya around the Christmas seasons of 2009, we were shocked that the Old Pump House Road was sealed off to facilitate construction and no admittance to outsider. There was no notice posted but the guard on the newly erected guard station was kind enough to give to us an estimate - should be ready and open to the public after the Chinese New Year.

We waited for that CNY to be over plus a couple of weeks buffer. This day, we were there to check out. Situation did not changed a bit. Construction was still going on inside. This time, the guard gave us more details. An electric fence was being installed together with guard station and sort of warehouse. He took a safer stance saying that he presumed that the work could be over by May or June this year.
Satisfied, we mentally register our mind when comes to future planning. So without that route, we went for the fall-back -The Awana Trail.
Weather was less than ideal. No mist and no rain but the air was still and the place shrouded in darkness like that before a heavy downpour. Hardly any call.
First and only bird we met was a Orange-bellied Leafbird. Then, the mono-tone calls from Hornbill.

Not long to wait, the big bird appeared on the higher part of the slope across a valley.
The picture -when it landed.

Another one moment later, the Hornbill dashing off.

There were chances of we getting flying shots of the bird gliding away. But the pictures would be low grade due to the poor lighting and long distances away.

Then it stopped and perched. Nice grandstand view across an open valley.
About a kilometer away.
Such glimpses of one bird that broke the monotony of a otherwise dull day in our birding record.


  1. Hi, I was in luck when I visited in mid Jan this year. Walked all the way up to the contruction site. Have posted a few photos including a pair of hornbills which flew overhead mid way up. Cheers!

  2. Wow!..electric fence!. Old pump house road will never be the same.
    I failed to photographed this residence Great Hornbill when I was there last year.