Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two active nests

21st March 2010
It's a Sunday and I have not a place in mind where I could be doing some productive birding. Then its time to check on the Kite's nesting nearby. Into the park I went and started with the video. First to come to me were the a pair of Ioras. That's the spot where Tan joined me. We updated each other on the going-ons, and like Park Rangers, we inspected the various points of interest. First stop the Kites. Just then, a pair of Bazas dropped by. Some 300 meters away with the Sun as back drop.

Bazas normally played the role of "Back-sweepers" during the north bound migration period as I had monitored them in previous years. This time was no exception, they showed but didn't get that close for a picture.
Oh! Before that one picture for the Ioras that I was toying with. The same mistake happened this morning. I did not get a picture of those Ioras too.
Tried getting a still from the video clip. Here is one to show. Just a recognizable picture but nothing of quality. So for the record!
On Saturday, we surprised by the calls of the Collared. Even more shocked to spot a pair of them. This bird like winter's visitors had been sighted and remained in the Rimba Park for a long period last year. Then that one bird was gone. This year, a pair. Good that we have taken note of its appearance.
Picture I made on Saturday. This day, we did not look for them, neither did we hear any call.
Coming back to my chore for the day, here is one shot of the Brahminy seating in the nest.

The picture below is supposed to show glimpses of the 2 Goshawk's chicks. Still in downs, their heads occassionally raised above the edges of the nest. Don't strain your eyes, they were not seen here. For me, I could only detect their tiny movement through the variations while flipping through a series of the same pictures in this series. Next report, hope to show you clear view.

While showing Loi the Asian-brown on Saturday, I caught a glimpse of a different bird dropping by. Caught you this time!
This is a female. The male dropped by too but higher up in the canopy level and blocked by twigs. All Tan could say was "It is a very beautiful yellow bird!"

But after hours of watching the Asian-brown, I was getting disillusioned that from the colors at its wing tip, this could be a different Flycatcher. Thank goodness, there were a few other Asian-brown around. That's the reason I had made a joint picture to confirm the similarity.
We had plenty of time to split hairs. An example! Nice question asked was "why did this Kingfisher wears such fade off colors?"
Is this an old bird with fading colors. An interesting point to do some research.

Same spot, same species but different happening. Not for comparison of colors. A pair were perched in the on the rail again. I got this wonderful shot when large Raptor flew by. Could not make out what this light grey Raptor was but it gone behind the trees. I didn't miss the Kingfishers who were also keeping their fixed on the new intruder.

An interesting morning, with good company and plenty of bird talks. Of course the harvest for the day was not bad too. Back home, the quality of video I got for this second batch were disastrous after I set my camera to have them captured in 15:9 format. I have them posted up as well to show the trend of my progress. That's life. Not all action of mine were flawless and not all pictures taken ideal.


  1. Love to see that White-throated Kingfishers survival instinct.

  2. nice observation on the raptors.

  3. haha the white-throated KFs defence is really interesting.

  4. actually I also noticed the same behavior in Common KF when the raptor flew above it. http://all-wild.blogspot.com/2010/03/black-crowned-night-heron.html

  5. ur KF is a juvenile, look at the black bill, thats why it is "faded".... haha, I had took care of 2 of these before, they would easily fail in their first flight attempts, evidently must be breeding nearby very frequently hence always with that chance of getting some.