Friday, March 19, 2010

2 Pigeons in Rengit

14th March 2010

Since they started constructing that Bio-diversity complex, the whole stretch of road for Rengit has turned for the worst. The ambience of birding there was slowly eroded when the road with its sides cleared of bushes and undergrowth. This once upon a time, forest trail now is like any other country side road. Gone are the feelings that we get when walking inside a jungle. Rengit is deep shit? Very true, results we got after many visits reflected that sentiments. Much less birds encountered and little chance of meeting up with quality birds. This was how I felt when we had to check up the place.

Upon arrival near the Deer Farm, plenty of birds call at 8.30 am. The Drongos, a pair of them provided the background music.

On this lone bare tree, the Falconet was having its breakfast

The Thick-billed on another trunk was waiting and surveying.
Also on the same tree, the woody was making itself heard.
After spending some time watching all these birds on a single tree, we counted there were actually 3 Drongos, 3 Woodpeckers, a Pigeon and a Falconet.

The action seen in this morning appeared to have started us on the right footing. Well, no quality picture was harvested. After a while, this one single tree did not spell bonus, the birds gone and we moved on. This time till the end of the road

I met up with another pair of Woody again. This time - picking off stuff on the crown of each Marcaranga stock. This season, only woody and all the same species?
Gilbert & Yoke Sim picked up a bird at eye level. No! This type of yellow bird seldom seen foraging in the lower storey.
Of course after seeing our arrival retreated back to their usual canopy level to continue their business.

The level of bird life improved at the area around the guard house. The trees there were over 100 feet tall and the birds happily doing their routine at the canopy level.

A pair of Pigeon were busy collecting nesting materials and did not mind getting down lower where we could get some meaningful images.
The day started with a Pigeon and ended with another Pigeon. Imagine driving all the way there with no dramatic result.

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