Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jeram -for the Black-capped

19th February, 2010

After the last trip, I was reminded I had not got my fill of Black-capped for 2010. So this visit was more or less one trip to fill up the void in the schedule for the year.

This morning, no breakfast and no time for fellowship with Ah Tee but headed straight for the mangrove forest. I knew that in the early hours, many rare birds including Nightjars would be out sun basking. First "scenic" sight, I reached the beach by 7.30am. Happy to note that there were no Dollarbirds or Common Kingfisher to disrupt my continuation. But still, I must make a cursory visit to check on the mudflats. Beautiful morning, the water just started receding with the water line just 50 meters off shore. But there was no waders other than the few Little Herons. Suited me fine, I could focus on my run into the mangrove forest as I planned.

Now that's the intro for this trip. Next, right at the start of the Mangrove forest trail, I encountered a scene that influenced me to narrate the going-on as if I was came from Bagan Sungei Buloh!

The Brahminy was hunting in the morning. I needed a shot of the bird. Taking no chances, as soon as the Brahminy came to a rest, got this shot from a distance.
The bird watching ride from the car went on. No surprises, the usual birds that we had seen in the last trip, reappeared.

High on the wanted list, was this White-headed that I missed in the last trip.

Others on the wanted list, the efforts put in did not go well for me. For example - spent time waiting for the Prina that appeared briefly and there was this Great Tit which calling but just would not show.
A consolation was this Zitting Cisticola who was oblivious to my intention. A shy bird but stood there stunted.
One Black-capped was basking in the sun some distance away. Got my shot for the day even though the quality of pictures were below par. Then, while I on the verge of giving up hope of getting another good model, this good guy came to my rescue. Perched there for a good 10 minutes until I left.

Lastly, the highlight for the day.

As I entered the forest, I was alerted by lot of calls from large birds -crows! Then spotted this pair of huge bird, immediately I could ID them as Sea-Eagles. One flew and chased by a whole flock of Crows. It returned to its perched where I got a few shots of their presence.

Watch them moved and turned about. Typical and confirming my ID. At last uncomfortable with my presence, both birds took off. One after another, trailed closely with the Crows.

Back home, I looked at the pictures, they had brown wings instead of the grey for the White-bellied.

The pair displayed all the habits of Sea-Eagles and the action of the Crows showed that the birds were not local. I consider these pixs as an important record. Unable to ID the birds positively, I will archived this batch of pixs for future reference.

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