Monday, March 15, 2010

Close encounter with the "Flying Carrot"

28th February 2010

There were postings on the Multiply about the Rufous-collared being spotted in Perdik. Those pieces of news also coincided with my long absence from that destination. So it was time for me to make that habitual trip. Rather unusual was, this time the trip fell on a Saturday, when holiday makers would be around.

Once at the spot, the place looked very quiet and the leaves thatched "resort" was deserted but looked well kept. Walked into the compound. The family of Banded Broadbills were enticing me with endless calls from a few directions.

Drongo Cuckoo were common bird in the area. Perched low and looking sedated. It is a matter of having good eye sight and easy to see them on each trip, they should be around most time. This one an acquaintance Yee alerted me to its perch.

While we had enough and wishing that we could get the front view, the bird obliged.

The next pix was the highlight of the day. The Rufous-winged aka Flying Carrot as known in our circle had settled down in a secluded area and using it as their place of normal residence. Knowing it now I need not wait for it at the bridge, but just stalk it around its normal hang-out.

An event not within my routine, this forest Lizard just popped out from a decaying trunk. Beautiful specimen.

Lastly, I saw this big bird flying in. Stayed high, nerviously exchanged a few perches. Without warning it came down to the road and I was about 30 meters away in full view. I could not verify whether the bird was feeding on seeds dropped to the ground or grains left by some one.

Another short visit for me as I had not taken my breakfast. Very fulfilling trip too as I got most birds in close quarters.

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  1. I'm still looking for this carrot! Great find. Been some time since I've been to Perdik.