Sunday, January 24, 2010

A very fruit FULL day in Ampang

The 1st shock upon the arrival, was the massive human intrusion in an area beside the river at the entrance. I have not been visiting the Ampang Recreation Forest Park for some months now. It is managed by the Forestry Dept, taking over from the Ministry Of Tourism.

The surprise scene that I received after seeing the fruiting tree in Rimba, that's my barometer as to when I should be in Ampang. Those are trees from the same species, it is a matter of -are the fruits ripening at the same rate.

Now that surprise turned into an awakening shock when I was at the car park just before sunrise. There was not one tree but a whole forest of trees just beside the car park. Any day now, the fruits will be ready for picking!

Yet another pleasant surprise, it was one type of tree fruiting, there was more. The pictures here shows. This one favoured by Red-eyed Bulbuls, Flowerpeckers, Starlings and Mynas

And flowers, could not tell what this female Minivet was picking off among the Saraccas

Look at this female Red Jungle fowl again, certainly look quite different from our standard domestic mother hen. The robust grey legs. This one is close to the original blood line and suffered little cross breeding

This is the time to top up my archive of Red-eyed. They were very tame though may not stand still to have their picture taken. Good for macro practise.

This female lured me to follow her for pictures. The male was also with her but I manage many shots of half the bird.

The Barbet was bold came down rather low but the pickings was fast and few moments of full exposures.

This Bluebird was treating the session as its main course of the day. Stayed for a long time. Went away and returned several times.

The morning kept me that busy I did not make any effort in checking out the going on inside the park but stayed only near the entrances. the Black Magpie called for long time, but did not come into view.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Birdlife in Rimba - January

How nice it would be to have a home next to the birds? You get to know who came calling and how often!

Naaa! I think that rationale came about not because of the birds but really a silent wish to get away from the concrete jungle of Petaling Jaya. While I may not walk into a real forest that easily but I have got a nice park next to a near forest environment - Kiara.

The birds I get to see there range from trash birds to the beloved migrants - plus a couple of Hornbills thrown in.

When I need to escape from the mundane routine, especially from spending too much time not blinking my eyes on the computer, it is a 10 minutes drive.

This "Yellowface" after suffering from a very wet night was out early to greet my arrival

Time to meet up Tan a on a Saturday. Sure enough he was there. Nothing spectacular but some follow up needed. The weeds had overgrown shielding our sight from the favorite squatting spots of the Common Kingfisher - need to have that cleared.

The Brahminy started building their nest.

Most important of all - the fruits that attracted Bulbuls and the whole lot were almost ready for harvesting. In fact, a Yellow-vented and a Common Iora were having their breaskfast on the early ripen few.