Monday, April 26, 2010

Flying carrot draws large daily crowd

26th April, 2010

My posting had suddenly disappeared at end March from the Blog sites scene and nothing is heard of my actvities except for Madi & Yen who met up with me in Kemensah in mid-April. Yes, I was busy bringing out my old Video clips shot around 2002. The quality of the clips that suffice my needs then are of little use to anyone now. I couldn't throw them down the drain! So I came up with a plan to make them the core for my web page. Having positioned them, the progresses? I aim to replaced them with clips of contemporary quality as I get them in the future. That the main reason for me lying low as I've blocked my time in getting the task completed. For relaxation I went to check on the Brahminy Kites periodically. Whew! All that special assignment is over now and I was ready to relax concentration a couple of weeks. First -where to? That explain the priority, I checked on the hot Kemensah spots, now 3 trips through no reports.

Today, prompted by that latest report on the Flying Carrots I thought it time for me to be updated. Monday afternoon is a good time. Arrived there just after 2.00 pm. There were 2 car loads of Singaporeans. The area around the nest tramped smooth. The parents were still feeding regularly. The cameras forming a ring around the nest - believe me it's only a 10 foot diameter. Across and in front of the nest a 3 feet long slender bare branch, just 3 feet from the nest. The parent came, calmly perched on the branch and inside for feeding. These were the most domesticated nesting parents I have seen. Then a short while later, my friend came and then another came. Now 4 cars plus mine, 5th in the jungle on a Monday afternoon. Hate to do a roll cal for last weekend attendance. I got my video of the birds "full frame", but were out of focus. I still do not know how to focus my newly acquired toy manually.

I left the nesting spot and tested my luck. As reward I got a beautiful bird. A common bird but look at that yellow on the under part. I was attracted by the yellow below the throat. The last time I shot this bird was in Rengit. Today, I got my fill. What a satisfying trip! All because of a common bird.


  1. Yes , a Tiger shrike with yellow underparts- very strange!

  2. You should join the crowd in Perdek. Was there yesterday. A Frenchman coming from Singapore was there with the wife

  3. interesting looking tiger shrike... eating too much tumeric eating larvae perhaps ;)