Sunday, February 28, 2010

Still looking for my Mangrove-blue Flycatcher

16th February 2010

For this trip north, I have ample time to spare, fitted in my driving schedule handy and just nice for me to check out whether I could have my pictures for the Mangrove-blue Flycatcher and the Greater Flameback. So into this Sepetang Boardwalk I came.

Was about 8.15 am when I walked into a bird wave at the first platform. Rather strange to have bird wave scenario in this place as I cannot remember meeting up with one during my other visit . The pack was led by a lone Drongo. It perched - with the bright morning sun as background.
No matter how I tried cannot say for sure that it's a Black Drongo even though looks like one. The rest of the birds that made up the packs were Flycatchers, Tailorbirds, Flowerpeckers, Sunbirds etc.

All of a sudden, my wife pointed out that quietly perched less than 2 meters away from where I stood.
What a gift in the morning, can see from the picture that I have to look downwards to the bird. A short while later it flew and I followed in hot pursuit to get it in other angles
I was granted that privilege and here one of the angles.

The bird kept its position well hindered with twigs and leaves. I could not harvest that many clear shot as I had wished to but here is one. After that following through with the Flycatcher was over and it moved away from me, the whole place just quiet down.

The Woody that I wanted was calling from some distance away. To kill my time waiting, recorded this Kite. They, a pair, were busy collecting nesting materials.
Among the many little birds that I met up with earlier, found this half hidden juvenile Flycatcher-shrike.
A visit to the mangrove forest would never be complete without getting this fellow into the picture.
It was a short but satisfying trip in getting enough pictures for the Mangrove-blue. Have to wait for another opportunity for the Woody

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  1. Congrats on the Mangrove Blue. Still on my wanted list