Saturday, February 20, 2010

What's new in Rimba?

10th February 2010

The Kites were seen mating and the nest for the Coppersmith freshly prepared, these were the couple of reasons I invented to get myself for a short visit to my playground. It's time that I follow through on the progress. I could also check on the favorite perch of Common Kingfisher and the status of the fruiting tree. So whether I was going to see any new birds or not, I had a full agenda on hand.
On arrival, the amount of fruits thinned noticeably but some remnants. This fruiting time of this tree was a good gauge to tell which are the birds frequenting the Rimba Park area. Disappointed, I could only summaries the pathetic list that contains the Yellow-vented and the Common Iora. Even the starlings have no preference for its fruits.

This morning, there was a small fellow sighted. Some sort of Flycatcher. After a few flights to/fro its feeding spots, I could make out that it was an Asian Brown - quite a common visitors to Kiara Hills, now in Rimba as well.
Other than having counted this Flycatcher and the few Bulbuls, bird life was comparatively low. The Brahminy was no where to be seen, unlike those morning when they were watching the nest noted in all my previous trips. What happened? Is there any term like "failed mating?"
Even though I was mentally prepared, I cannot say that I was not disappointed - not until I see this fellow! Slim lanky fellow - looked like a Minivet.

There you are! A male Minivet. Alone and hunting within a tight circle. Spent half an hour watching it until I ran out of battery.

The Ashy Minivet on my previous encounters in the Kiara Hills foraged in packs of a few birds. Likewise, I too had previously seen the Minivet in Rimba, but those few occassions they were grouped in pair. As far as I remember, this could be the first time, I saw a lone bird.


  1. I've only come across the male Ashy Minivet on two occasions. Females are plentiful.

  2. Thanks Madi, I am off to River Kwai for a week. No postings and comments.