Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time of the season - Family reunion and lovers get together

7th February 2010

We lost faith in our luck of bringing to us chance meeting with lots for birds when we weighed destination like Perdik, Awana and Kemensah and but we need to be out - in the field. A good compromise would be somewhere near, somewhere we forgot to check for long time.

Need not ponder long, we were lucky, there is such a destination, less than an hours drive. Good breakfast, meet old acquaintance and need not do any walking.

After saying "hello" to Ah Tee for our breakfast meeting, we were off to Pantai Remis. Just as we hit the beach road, pairs of Dollarbirds, Asian Koel and Kingfishers stop us at the track. All attributed to the "beginner's" luck that Henry brought us. These birds kept them trigger happy for a while and I checked on the mudflats. This time of the month had just pass the peak of Spring tide and the waterline in the early hour was still about 500 meters from shore.

That didn't stop my camera in picking up this family of Curlews.

Other flocks of waders relocating their site for foraging. Couldn't put a fix on them.
Yes, they landed though very far, but unmistakably Terek.

Couldn't ignore the Dollarbirds protecting their nest site and also hoping to catch some shot of that "Dollar" symbol.
There were times, the birds left the perch momentarily. Each occasion, either the trigger or the camera was not fast enough.

A blurry souvenir is better than nothing.

They don't appear loving at all? In fact the Collared are fond of perching themselves very close to one another. But not this pair, this day.

Never mind! There were other more co-operative models. While these two birds were shown here as together, they were part of a family of few birds.
So were these pairs of Otters. Found some dry media among the muddy banks to roll and brushed their furs.

Really??? - superstitious or not, with Henry around, we had a swell outing. Sad that we missed the 4 encounters with the Black-capped whom we need the pictures desperately. Other memories like we almost missed the Thick-billed. The pair of Brahminy horse playing at eye level and of course the White-headed Munias to complete the Black & White story. The day's highlight must be that macro shot of the Stork-billed.


  1. very active and good to know, how is your writing coming along?

  2. Bad! cannot spend too much time in front of the computer. So each time, I write 45 minutes and stop. Lots of old pictures to be renewed too.

  3. Nice photos you got there! The outing was another a good 'learning' which has instilled deeper interest in all things birding! TQ.

  4. Good variety and interesting outing. Maybe drop by this place one day.

  5. Interesting post with some nice images...Thomas

  6. Pantai remis got this birds?... all i know pantai remis got kerang rebus and kerang bakar.. like madi said, maybe dropping by too