Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another failed nesting

29th January 2010

So very often, bird watchers were reminded "leave the birds alone especially when they are nesting". There is enough hostility around and don't add on more stress.

That's in cases where the parents have taken extra precautions and having a nest, in accessible or undetected by human. No one can intrude into that privacy.

But in Malaysia, there are exception too. The Yellow-vented Bulbul when it comes to choosing a nesting site, has the impression that human is the least of their worries. Nest were built in places within the built up areas our houses - far way from the garden trees which we thought were more appropriate!

This latest incident, the nest was built within the thicket of a lone ixora scrubs, hardly 4 feet tall, beside the car park.

All I needed was to find an unobstructed view of the nest where I can peep at the going on in the nest. That was easy! And so I got the first picture of a newly hatched chick with eyes still close. Very satisfied!

With my past experiences, Yellow-vented would hatch 2 eggs at each nesting. This time I was unable to confirm that having seen one moving chick. Only time will tell, I anticipated. Something not so right, the lone chick was fairly large and with grey downs - could this be a chick for the Cuckoo?

The mother of course detected my interest in the nest, perched nearby and watched.
All set, I was all prepared for a fortnight of vigil to seeing the chick fledge. But some business in Penang forced me to be away for the weekend.
Quite happy in having made a start, I looked forward in seeing the eyes of the chick opened and more action in the days to come.
When I returned to the nest on Monday, 1st February, the chick was gone.
The nest was still intact with no sign of having broken into but the emptiness just a reminder for me of another failed nesting. I was so disheartened that even though there were signs of another pair of Bulbul visiting their nest nearby, I think this lession was a wake call for me. I better stay clear from this species.
The nest is so vulnerable to raiding and possible destruction by curious on-lookers. Gardeners who attended to the plants daily, who may not share our intention to protect the nesting process.

By staying near the area of nesting, just like the exposed nesting site attracting problem, I too may invite unwanted attention and led myself to be a perpetrator for its failed session.

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  1. We heard many similar case like this.
    I encounter bulbul nest at busy street in Raub last year, luckily with a good outcome. Few people noticed me took a photographed with camera phone, but the nest was quite high.