Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's new in Rimba?

27th January 2010

I had made arrangement with Gilbert and Yoke Sim to be in Bukit Tinggi to follow through the moths filled botanical garden. But since that meeting I had in Kuala Selangor on Sunday just too much tody. For the next few days, I was feeling below par.
Have to be out! My itch was getting the upper hand, so come Wednesday, where else can I be but Rimba Kiara. When it comes to Rimba, one cannot never be sure. Not surprisingly returning empty handed. So this bunch of birds got the privilege of filling up the 1st picture.

By the time I walked to the pond I thought I saw a familiar figure but when I drew nearer he was someone I never met before. Quickly he introduced himself as Henry Goh. We were looking at a pair of Kites guarding their nest. Suggested that at that distance, best done with a stand. He was off to retrieve his stand from the car.

By the time , he returned the Kites too had other thing better to do. They broke courtship and flew else where. During this short period a Large Woodshrike came perched, moved about and gone. Not much that he missed as the bird had a very bright sky as background and the picture taken by me was nothing to shout about.
All the while when I was shooting the Woodshrike, I didn't even notice that there was a large shadow just above my head. When it was time to move out, I had the Raptor at the corner of my eyes. I stopped and point same time the bird was also making its way to another branch further away. This time he stood motionless for another 10 minutes. We were lucky in able to record our encounter. Though my images made by me were large, were made under hostile lights.

More walkabout in the Rimba - the regulars who are always there and they were indeed. The "Pink Necked" are quite common with the Javan & Common Mynas. They together with the White-breasted Kingfishers had kept or gave an impression that the Park was always full of bird life.
There was this unexpected visitor too. Perched very high up and far away as well, on the upper fringes of a dead tree. Thanks, nature helped, the morning bright lights helped in getting a decent image.
Also an important record that this bird do come to the urban area. It was last seen in Bukit Lanjang, across the road years ago.

While introducing Henry to my favorite haunts, the Coppersmith decided to show himself, but our friend too some time to zero in his location. Then inspecting the old site of the nest turned out a surprise.A freshly done new entrance! can only be an indication that a new round of nesting is imminent.


  1. I've never been to Rimba Kiara. Maybe time to check out this area.

  2. Just keep your expectation low and hopes very high. This is near the place for good roti canai!

  3. Mr. Khong, It was both an honour and pleasure meeting you at Rimba Kiara. As a newbie birder I marvel at your vast knowledge on birding and your uncanny ability to rattle off the names of birds at sight! I am looking forward to to be able to join you on some of your birding trips and expand on my own collection of photos. Once again thank you for your company and will follow your escapades through your blog. Cheers!

    Kind regards.

    Henry Goh

  4. maybe unrelated but i also met the friendly henry goh on my 2nd visit there (about a week ago) and he passionately share his photos and experience with me.. hope to meet him again and of course to meet mr khong also sometime in the future.. :D