Friday, April 30, 2010

The Old Pump House Road

Friday 30th April, 2010

One of the best birding destinations was the Old Pump House Road. At its height, I would even rate the place to be far better than the whole area of Frasers Hills in total. But that was history, today, the place is a little like 50/50 chance with many a times meeting up with little or no birds at all.

But when the place was closed to the public in December last year, I was at a lost as to where can I go? After all the waiting, the road was once again open to the public as from last Sunday.

They have installed a new power station and some finishing touches are still being carried out. So, if you are there, just expect some vehicular traffic.


  1. Great, it's open again! Thanks for the info.

  2. and don't expect much out of the old pump house

  3. Great! I'm waiting for this site to be opened for public again too. Thanks. Hopefully the birdlife there as good as before.