Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 lovely chicks for the morning

Wednesday 28th April, 2010
On Monday I wrote about being to Rimba to check on the chicks. I said, Brahminy chicks and didn't mention about the Coppersmith Barbet. The bough where the nest was situated was way too high about 30 feet high and having the sky as background.

Don't expect any nice pictures. This morning, Wednesday, thought I better behave myself before I get kicked out of the house for out birding daily. Then there was a frantic call from Henry, he has gone "searching for food for the babies and I am suppose to figure out a way to care for the 2 drop-outs."

I went to site and understood that the bough holding the Barbet's nest broke. Down came the nest and babies. The event fortunately seen by Loi at the nick of time. I was there and saw the 2 babies happily standing on the ground at the foot of the tree. Fairly matured and could be fledging soon. But knowing Coppersmith, if left alone, the babies may take another week or so before they are ready to fly. Lifted them up to a low fig tree with dense foliage. The parent called and the chicks responded. Seeing them connected, the 3 of us left the place and the chicks to look after themselves.

Then came Part II of the day!

I was satisfied and also I wanted to share with these 2 kind Samaritans the Flying Carrot scene as a reward. So the three of us went for a ride after collecting my gears from the house.

Upon arrival, the place was deserted. Good, we could all take positions. All ready the first feeding came. Very impressive and the 2 gentlemen were overwhelmed by such wonderful display. The bright red little bird with a frog in her mouth. Explained to them why I had to show them the place. On Monday, 2 carloads of Singaporean. On Tuesday, I was briefed by a Frenchman who was there since the morning, that this hot spot is of international knowledge. The daily crowd is not surprising at all. For example he commented that seeing the peak of 12 photographers appearing here last Wednesday is nothing when compared to the crowd of 50 in Lower Pierce Reservoir for the Oriental-Dwarf.

Before I could finish my story, one van load of Taiwanese arrived, heavily armed and together with packed lunch. They too settled down. Soon, came the first round of firing by them. The sound of their actvities recorded on my video. Such huge crowd I felt unconfortable and so thought that it was time to leave. My 2 companions pleaded with me to allow them seeing one more round of feeding.

Yes, I waited. It was another 40 minutes, they too happily left their stalking spot and came looking for me as I was far away from the hives of action. Took the oportunity to show them the Blue-eared but we took left the place soon afterwards as Blue-eared are very shy birds. Allowed the visiting crowd the priviledge of taking charge of the place.

The Blog site went "Cuckoo" last night. Would not allow me to post the picture

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  1. Cute little chicks. Can I say the same of the foster parent ha?:)
    I was contemplating going to Langat but after reading this post I think maybe I'll give it a miss for now. Would be interesting to see the feeding flying carrot and the Horsfield Babblers.But I still my Misssion Blue Banded to finish.